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“At the core of all my work and what I represent is Love. Love for my people, love for communication & understanding, love for justice and love for myself above all” – Empress Ayana Nadira


Advocacy & Equality

Need help communicating what you know you deserve and want to demand justice? Empress Ayana Nadira is a social justice advocate for effective cross-cultural communication in the areas of prejudice, color inequalities and domestic/sexual violence. Read more and get in touch  

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Get guided nutritional, detox and mental awareness techniques that will help you step into the best version of yourself

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Yana's TwerkWerk Fitness

Cultural dance moves & modern music will have you jamming along to the funnest workout of your life! Check our schedule for upcoming TwerkWerk classes & events


ONYX & Yana are always arranging enlightening, soul focused programs and events

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About Us:

ONYX Restorative Justice (ORJ) is a multi-faceted lifestyle enrichment organization dedicated to empowering women of color to actualize their integral and absolute potential. ORJ engages women via our core values: Communication, Commitment, and Community; fostering healthier, happier advocates of personal and social change!

Mission Statement:

ORJ’s mission is to offer services and educational opportunities that produce critical & analytical thinkers and to see most individuals holding themselves accountable for establishing healthy practices in their personal and professional lives that promote Justice.

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